AFFILATE PROGRAM Close window pays you 10% on each order, exclusive of shipping and taxes! There are no sales quotas or minimums to meet in order to receive referral fees. Our system uses the 10% OFF unique coupon number on your site to track incoming referrals from your site, record sales made and report earnings. You can find your incoming based on the URL we will provide you.
Here are the steps to sign up our affilate program:

  1. Send your email to with the following information:
    - website addree
    - contact information
      -- Contact personal name
      -- phone number
      -- email address
      -- mail address
    - Company or personal the earn check will pay to
  2. Approval:
    When we approve your application, we will send you the sample codes with the unique coupon number with 10% OFF that the customers coming from your site will use to purchase our lighting fixtures. And also we will send you a URl link for you to track your incoming records from
  3. Pay you the checks:
    We will send you the check monthly.